HydraPore™ Ice Globe Facial Massager

HydraPore™ Ice Globe Facial Massager

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"I keep my ice globes in the fridge, after a few gentle rolls and my skin always feels more hydrated, plump and happy. Highly recommend it! - Claire L. ★★★★★

Stimulate And Rejuvenate Your Face

✅ Removes under-eye darkness and puffiness

✅ Eliminates redness, reduces pigmentation and shrinks pores

✅ Helps to reduce fine lines and tighten skin

✅ Stimulates circulation and oxygenates the skin to improve skin tone

✅ Soothes sinus pain, headaches and muscle tension

✅ Accelerates skincare product absorption

✅ Increases collagen and elastin production

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Introducing the HydraPore™ Ice Globe Facial Massager - a relaxing and cooling facial massage experience that not only encourages better blood circulation and oxygenates the skin, it also helps to refine pores, heal and renew skin.

The HydraPore™ Ice Globe Facial Massager helps to reduce the appearance of redness and puffiness and works effectively with oils, serums and moisturizers to enhance absorption.

Enjoy a relaxing, soothing and cooling facial experience that will unwind your tension and leave your skin feeling radiant.

Lifting Massage Technique

Lymphatic Facial Massage

Evens Skin Tone
A cold facial massage can help boost circulation, bringing more oxygen in the blood. This helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation, thus, revealing a more even skin tone and a brighter complexion.

Refines Pores
Regular massaging helps to reduce fine lines and tighten skin while unclogging and refining pores.

Speeds Up Toxin Removal
The Ice globes heal and renew skin while soothing sinus pain and headaches. The lymphatic drainage massage speeds up the removal of toxins and waste in the blood.

Reduces Puffiness
Stimulates circulation and oxygenates the skin, making you look and feel like you’ve caught more zzz’s by firming skin and reducing puffiness.

How To Use

  1. Place globes in refrigerator or bowl of ice water for 15 minutes prior to use
  2. Gently roll along the face in slow, gentle movements, taking time to pause on the eye area and in areas with more inflammation or breakouts
  3. Use the lifting massage technique to stimulate blood circulation, oxygenate the skin and boost skin elasticity
  4. Use the lymphatic massage technique to stimulate nerves, relieve tension, reduce future breakouts and release toxins
  5. Can be used with a facial mask
  6. After use, clean the globes with soapy water
  7. Do not store the ice globes in a freezer

What's Included?

  • 2 × HydraPore Ice Globes
  • 2 × White Handle Pads
  • Gift Box

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